Deidre Reigel The Voice of Love

Combine a dynamically evolving Woman with Music and a Heart full of Love, and you have the perfect recipe for a fascinating person with many gifts to offer!

Deidre’s musical training began as a child with Classical Piano/Voice training.  Later this expanded to the Flute, Oboe, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet and Violin.  Her love of Dance drew her to many years of Ballet/Tap/Jazz studies.  Although her first love was singing, after years on the Opera Stage, Deidre suddenly found herself conducting.

As she added this skill to her list of accomplishments, she was also producing her own Broadway/Vegas Revue in which she sang and danced.   Several years of conducting in Regional Orchestras inspired Deidre to form her own Opera Orchestra.  Stints in Japan and Canada as a Singer/Dancer nudged the “travel bug” in Deidre, and two Eastern European Conducting Tours followed.

Those tours were life-changing for Deidre, who came to experience the transcending power of music as a Universal Language of Love and Intention.  It was an awakening for the Composer in her, and since 2004 Deidre has been composing and producing her own unique style of music, blending Classical, Jazz, Rock and Techno-pop.

It was during these years of allowing the Composer in Deidre to manifest that the Healer also emerged.  Challenging personal life circumstances caused her to look inward, and engage in deep personal healing.  Her process is chronicled in her music.  Deidre believes that sharing her own journey of healing can open doors for  many others to pursue their own evolution and growth.

In 2009, Deidre was finally able to heal her damaged relationship with her father.

Her relief and new-found Love was poured into a truly kind letter she wrote to him.  That letter became the basis of her recently published book, “My Letter To My Father”.

Two of her own letters are present, along with 26 other contributors who have written candid letters to their own fathers.   Adding “author” to her continuing evolution, she is already planning her next book about healing her relationship with her mother.  And, of course, there is new music coming from this multi-faceted woman.

So, please tour this website, feel the Love and enjoy!